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Kevin Waldron used Facebook to increase his number of referrals from 51 to 199 in 70 days. See our Facebook FAQ.

JSS-Tripler has been a real godsend. Previously it presented me with an opportunity to make some extra cash to clear some debts and set up our dream move to a home in France. However, once my IT contract came to an end, JSS-Tripler has taken on the role of a real financial lifesaver. Since my IT contract ended I've been in a temporary low-paid job, which if it were not for JSS-Tripler, would mean I couldn't cover all my outgoings. JSS-Tripler is making up the difference and for that I sincerely thank Frederick and the JBP Admin team for the concept and their ongoing efforts.

The timing of the Restart couldn't actually have been much worse for me as it coincided with the end of my contract. However, on the other hand, the return of JSS-Tripler to full functionality couldn't have been timed any better -- just in time to help me pay my regular outgoings. During the restart period, I used the downtime to develop my own website and create a Facebook page, both dedicated to JSS-Tripler. Suffice to say that my previous referral count of 51 has rocketed to 199 at the time of writing this testimonial (November 6th 2011). That's 148 referrals in a 70-day period. I'm sure you can do the math -- that's over 2 referrals per day! I also now have over 330 followers/likes on Facebook. And... better still, my top referral is utilising a replica of my homepage to generate a large number of referrals for himself -- proof that sharing your successes and tools a! ctually helps others.

My homepage/website converts like crazy and I owe this to the JSS-Tripler Restart. If it never happened, I wouldn't have concentrated on finding a way to get more referrals. My tip to any member would be to generate your own webpage, Facebook or social networking page and document your successes. People like to see real proof that any program or system is producing results for the average guy (like you and me). And... don't forget the more referrals you generate, the bigger your JBP mailing list becomes. I contact my referrals at least 2 - 3 times a week and ensure they have seen the latest JBP updates. I also ensure they revisit my website to get inspiration from my progress and success and take advantage of my replica homepage offer.

Be bold and confident in your mailings/advertisements. Remember, you are making a statement -- telling people you are successful with JBP/JSS-Tripler, not asking them to join in the hope that you will become successful. In essence, everyone that takes part in JSS-Tripler is successful to a greater or lesser extent. There are no failures, because everyone earns. You are a success and this is in no small part due to Frederick and his team. So thank you once again, I know this is leading to bigger success for me in 2012.

-- Kevin Waldron (aka 'mobilbo' - United Kingdom)

This testimonial is most important because it tells the story of how Frank Heath started with just $20, studied our FAQs, Tutorials, and Products, and then applied what he learned to earn enough to pay off a 12-year-old debt. He also earned enough to rise to #7 among our Top 20 Earners.

I well remember how intrigued I was when I first discovered JustBeenPaid!
Like many people online I realized I was one of the "98%ers" trying to achieve a consistent income online and failing to do so!

As I proceeded to read all the interesting information contained in JBP, I began to realize that there was something different about Frederick Mann, the developer of JBP, and I quickly formed the opinion that he was a man who has "Been there - done that." He'd clearly been on the receiving-end of more than one bad experience with high-return programs and was on a mission to achieve what others could not!

The JustBeenPaid! system is not just a couple of programs strung together; its a powerful moneymaking machine. It has processes which can be learned and followed easily by anyone and most importantly, it works!

I was so impressed by the content of the various aspects of how to become wealthy, etc. within JBP that I decided to do everything I could to apply the important lessons (as described in JBP). I had been in chronic credit card debt. I started in JBP with just $20.00 to purchase 2 positions in JSS Tripler.

I set progressive goals each month and eventually rose to #7 of the Top 20 Earners in JBP. More importantly, during the 6 months since my joining, I systematically grew my daily earnings to a level I never dreamed of whilst at the same time making withdrawals to pay off a 12 year old credit card debt. My success was such that I shared my story with people I came into contact with and a high proportion of them joined -- on the strength of my story.

I have have no hesitation in recommending this program to others as I consider I have given it the most stringent test possible and it has not failed me. In addition, given the additional security features which Frederick Mann has introduced with the Restart Feature, JustBeenPaid! is 'head and -shoulders' above other similar programs I have come across. It has won my vote of confidence!

-- Frank Heath ("Justcantlose")

I just wanted to say, with all sincerity, thank you for creating the JustBeenPaid! programs. Particularly JSS -Tripler -- which does EVERYTHING you promise -- and consistently. It is very exciting and motivating to log into my JBP account and see actual earnings (real spendable money) accruing (and with no effort or input from me).

The most important factor of JSS-Tripler is it's indefinite sustainability, so I can 'invest' with complete confindence knowing I will not be scammed... (again).

The products provided with the JBP program are more than worth the price of membership alone and the service and speed of JBP Admin is outstanding. This is the first online program I have ever made a clear profit with -- (usually I end up spending more than I earn on the Internet.) This is also the only program that I would -- and have -- recommended to my family and friends.

-- Geoff Barraclough

I want to thank you so much for all the incredible things you have done by making this wonderful system called JustBeenPaid!/JSS-Tripler/JBP's JSS!

I have been doing Internet marketing and different programs since 1997-98. And I have seen alot of programs come and go. And I have lost thousands of dollars along the way. I actually almost gave up, just before I found JBP. But I kept going because I knew there had to be an answer to making good money on the Internet.
And in May 2011 I was introduced to JBP by Tom Haley. I joined JBP and upgraded,and over the course of a few days, I read everything Frederick had written and saw the videos he and Carl made for YouTube. And WOW, did my eyes get opened up! I almost couldn't believe how Frederick had figured out all the drawbacks of the other programs. But Frederick has done it! He has been able to implement a totally new profitable system that could work indefinitely! And since then I have started to make some really good money with JSS-Tripler and JBP's JSS...
So thank you Frederick for not giving up, and by your perseverance, you found the "The Answer" to what all Internet marketers have been waiting for. A system that really can give us a consistent income that will keep coming every day, every week, every month, and hopefully even every single year!

-- Christopher Berentsen

As a person always looking for beter ways to make money on the Internet, I've always stayed on Frederick Mann's email list. When Frederick created JBP, I joined immediately. The ride since then and in particular since JSS-Tripler has been nothing short of amazing. JSS-Tripler is making me more money than any program I've ever been in before.

Frederick spells out everything about the program up front and addresses all the appropriate concerns. The daily web conferences by Carl give attendees an inside edge and insight into making even more money with the other JBP programs.

The products inside JBP are fantastic, providing both personal growth and marketing help. Lastly, Frederick is my direct sponsor. He usually responds to my emails within hours. addressing all my issues. You won't find an easier, faster, legal way way to make money on or off the Net! I'm happy to refer people to JSS-Tripler and JBP and of course willing to help my referrals. I'm earning 7 days a week with this. I compound some and take some out.

-- Mark Petrelis

I Joined JSS-Tripler in February and now I'm banking almost $800 a week. Let me tell you, it feels real good to at last have an online business that I can call a real business. There is nothing difficult about it. If it was, I wouldn't be earning what I am, and it is increasing weekly.

Thanks Fredrick for this opportunity, please believe me when I say my family are very appreciative of it as well. if there's one person on the Internet that I would like to shake hands with and buy a beer it's Fredrick Mann. He's a genius with the heart of a lion. He wasn't afraid to get out there and put his ideas into practice even though it could have cost him big time. He makes us ordinary Internet marketers feel like professionals with the money we are making. Yes I'm very thankful for the likes of Fredrick Mann.

-- John Bass (Australia)